· By Velvet Bein

💐 Welcome to the Family, Frau Lehmann and Dirty Dishes 💐

2024 is up to a good start as we’re welcoming not one but two new bands to our family roster: Leipzig based band Frau Lehmann centers around Fiona Lehmann's lyrics and recital as the core and roots of the songs, which lyrically and mercilessly throw us out of the theatre onto the city pavements and let us drown in loneliness at the local bar.

Dirty Dishes was found in 2005 by Jan Müller (Tocotronic) and Rasmus Engler (Herrenmagazin) as part of the 2000 formed artist collective „Künstlergruppe (sic) im Namen des Volkes (K.i.N.d.V)“. Dirty Dishes have released several full length albums and singles through out the years.

Frau Lehmann and Dirty Dishes will releases their Split-EP „Gewäsch“ on La Pochette Surprise Records on February 16th 2024 (Digital Release). The Vinyl LP will be available on March 8th 2024. Pre Orders start on Monday, January 22nd 2024 at 10:00 am.

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