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Bachratten share third single "Sugarmama"

"If I'm ever in need, she's there for me." - With "Sugarmama", the Bachratten announce their upcoming debut album on La Pochette Surprise "Durch dich durch". The role of the sensitive male voice could cause controversy in the cultural discourse, but it triggers our desire for security. What is definitely already burning is the anticipation of finally being able to savour the effortlessly brilliant guitar sound of the Bach Rats in full album length. "Sugarmama" . A mid-tempo noise anthem to feel, which invites us to surrender to the embracing power of music without fear.

Bachratten's debut album "Durch Dich Durch" is out January 26th and is up for Pre Order on limited 12" Pink Splatter Vinyl LP and Standard Black Vinyl LP.

Bachratten Live:
19.01.2024 DE-SAARBRÜCKEN, Karate Club Meier
20.01.2024 DE-FRANKFURT a.M. - Ono2
26.01.2024 DE-KASSEL, Goldgrube
03.02.2024 DE-HAMBURG, Komet Musik Bar
29.02.2024 DE-BERLIN, Loophole
01.03.2023 DE-HALLE, Galle
02.03.2023 DE-LEIPZIG, Noch Besser Leben

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