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Blackbird Mantra’s new single “Neon Lights” is a hymn to nightlife and euphoria

Blackbird Mantra share brand new single “Neon Lights”
A straightforward garage rock song that immediately takes you on a journey. Over the course of 3:30 minutes, nocturnal city scenes flash before our inner eye. Bridges covered in graffiti tags, junkies, dealers, a cab driver who takes more passengers than he actually has seats for, an illegal party in an industrial area that is crashed by the police, music, sirens and foggy neon lights.

"Neon Lights" is Blackbird Mantra’s newest single after their 2022 Live-EP "At The Mill", with the 10-minute psych-rock track "Everlasting Sky".

During the songwriting process, singer and lyricist Timo Grimm was fascinated by the simultaneity of stories that take place in just one night in the big city. Self-experienced and fictional scenes blur into an ever-accelerating plot. 

Helge Schritt's drums and David Gradl's bass drive the track forward. Towards the end of the track, as so often with Blackbird Mantra, it becomes psychedelic, with lead guitarist Thies Lingner's riffs spiraling ever higher.  Neon Lights is a hymn to nightlife and euphoria. 

Singer and guitarist Timo Grimm says about "Neon Lights":
"Neon Lights is all about that feeling of being out and about at night. Wandering the streets, partying, having spontaneous adventures. The lyrics were written at the end of the corona period when none of that was possible. And then I remembered all kinds of things. Some of the stories in the song I really experienced (the taxi story, for example) and others I made up. The song is the soundtrack to one of those crazy nights where one thing leads to another and you just get involved in the crazy energy of the night."

Blackbird Mantra Live:
14.03.24 Leipzig – Noch Besser Leben - w/ Mirror Glaze
15.03.24 TBA
16.03.24 Hannover – Nordstadtbraut w/ Mirror Glaze

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