There are songs that jump out at you the first time you hear them - and "Gravedigger" by SUCK definitely belongs in this category. An electric guitar that seems to be sawing its way through a steel plate, a short drum salvo, and then the whole band is rushing forward, driven by singer Isabell, whose voice can scold, scream, sing and hiss in the most amazing way. The melodic, broadly crossed, but never testosterone overdriven sound of the band from Kassel is leveled somewhere between deep Black Sabbath love and 70s punk bow. SUCK sound as if they had taken a truckload of fans into the studio during the recordings. In terms of content, "Gravedigger" is, according to Isabell, "about self-destructive lifestyles that drive some*s into madness" - also, but not only in rock'n'roll." (Daniel Koch, DIFFUS)

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