Bikini Beach


Everyone planning to pin down Bikini Beach’s musical style should start working on their hand-eye coordination. The three-piece rummages through a variety of genre toolboxes, picks out the bits and bobs that they like best and swiftly moves on to the next one. The only constants: A penchant for fuzz guitars and the reverb- drenched vocals of guitarist Nils Hagstrom and bass player Charlotte Love. To flesh out this foundation of garage grungyness, the band enlists the help of motorik- influenced psych and a pinch of swampy stoner rock and surf stylings. What may sound like a sparkly, but rather random concoction at first glance is lifted up by the trio’s songwriting chops, with which it’s able to infuse even the quieter moments with an air of hypnotic drive. In short: Trying to pigeonhole the band is hard – but joining Bikini Beach in tearing down genre boundaries with a chainsaw is easier than you think.

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Bikini Beach


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