News — Mirror Glaze

  • Mirror Glaze live at the Black Spark (Live Session)

    · By Velvet Bein

    You want more, more and more? It feels like you can’t get enough? Mirror Glaze will feed your inner black hole in this new feature. “Live at the Black Spark” will stuff you up until you burst. Or implode, like your old tube TV. So turn on your devices, and don’t miss this fuckery.

  • Mirror Glaze expose the nuanced complexities of our society on "All Change Please": Out Now

    · By Velvet Bein

    In the charmingly feral sonic workshop, garage and surf rock is on: Mirror Glaze expose the nuanced complexities of our society with surgical precision, layer by layer, and in the process demonstrate a gift for observation that the band's name suggests: they fill their new album All Change Please with a fuel mixture of casual 60s sound, pushing vocals and a good injection of punk. The result is an emotional and cracked, distorted social reflection - which opens up an unvarnished perspective and sheds a revealingly bright light on the social phenomena, fears and abysses of our time.

  • Mirror Glaze share second single "Drift Away" from upcoming debut album

    · By Velvet Bein

    So tell me, what do you need for your own pleasure? What is your strategy? Will you ever achieve this pleasure? In the end we are all drifting away. „Drift Away“ is the second single from Mirror Glaze’s upcoming debut album „All Change Please“."Less sugar, more garage! Mirror Glaze soundtrack nothing less than the absurdity of life on their new single!" (VISIONS)"Very varied, very smart!" (Flight13)Check out the video for "Drift Away" here: