· By Velvet Bein

Swutscher announce Live Album, share "Im Westen (Live in Berlin)": Watch Here

These are times when live performances are a special commodity and can no longer be taken for granted as an everyday occurrence; after all, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

So it makes sense to record something as beautiful and brute as a flawless rock concert and throw it on the plate of the gluttonous measures! Today there's plenty of rock schnitzel at the run-down Gasthof Swutscher, which has been living up to its reputation for years.

You can never complain about the price there anyway, everyone knows what you're getting served here and the menu once again reads exquisitely.

There are a total of seventeen splendid dishes on it and it's full of spice! Yes, here they still think about today's picky customers, everyone gets their money's worth. And now shut up and enjoy, because you can't talk with your mouth full!

Enjoy your meal!

Check out the live video for "Im Westen" recorded in Berlin, 2022:
Swutscher Live AlbumSWUTSCHER
Swutscher Live

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