· By Velvet Bein

Deep Dyed release a driving and hypnotizing psych-pop debut

With their first album Unmade Beds, the Hamburg band Deep Dyed release a driving and hypnotizing psych-pop debut. With their own intensity and love, Deep Dyed use the dazzling space between catchy independent pop songs and psychedelic rock to enable their listeners to take a journey into the world of their own dreams and emotions.
The musicians from the Hamburg indie label La Pochette Surprise Records have been working on the album for two years and are now finally releasing it in its final form. This extensive process is reflected in the songwriting: the bass catches the apparently casually poured beat in a pulsating way and the electric harmonies and guitar melodies start to circle around each other like pearls. Then the voices look for each other, find themselves and their text. The chorus opens the heart and the space of one's own hearing before new impulses dissolve the pop structures and everything flows into the deep delta. Dream and reality vie for the best position on the path to communal joy and reach the tipping point of one's own vulnerability.
“Retro ist 2023 wieder modern, das belegt die Musik von Deep Dyed.” (Laut)
“Großes Indie-Kino aus Hamburg.” (FRIZZ)
"the glimmering strumming reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian" (Post-Punk)
"A perfect tune for a lazy and carefree weekend" (TurnUpTheVolume)
"Ein Klangbad voll himmelstürmender, pastellfarbener Schönheit" (Flight13)
"Lässigkeit gepaart mit prächtigen Indie-Melodien" (Sounds & Books)

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