Sick Hyenas

Heaven for a While

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Originally released 2017 on Rookie Records.

Our second Album "Heaven For A While" is kind of a portait of our musical journey from our first album in 2014 until now. We've travelled long distances with our first album, met a lot of interesting people and got the chance to visit and play cities we've never been before.
The songs on our second album are a mix of songs we wrote at the beginning of the band and we already played live for a couple of years, songs we wrote while beeing on tour and songs we wrote right before we went into the studio to record our second album, what became now "Heaven For A While". This album is a portrait of us being a band for almost 4 years now.

01. Heaven For A While
02. Cry For Me
03. Flohleiter
04. Mexico
05. In Her Bloom
06. Sand Witch
07. Moskito
08. See What's Left Inside
09. Warm Grave
10. White Fur