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RISIKO No. 3 "Hamburg"

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RISIKO, an independent magazine based in Berlin that covers contemporary German underground and alternative music, publishes its third issue, RISIKO Issue 3 "HAMBURG" after an international crowdfunding campaign held this summer.

The topic of the third issue is "Hamburg." Hamburg is one of the musically important cities in Germany. It was the place where The Beatles were before they were famous in the early 60s, and also the base for important musical movements, from the Neue Deutsche Welle to the current alternative scene. RISIKO's point of view unravels the music and culture of this surprisingly unknown city. We introduce interviews and conversations about Hamburg's old and new music scenes and artists' friends, as well as featured artists' recommended spots and films in Hamburg. This is the kind of magazine that makes you feel a little closer to Hamburg after reading it.

Artists like Andreas Dorau and Palais Schaumburg's Holger Hiller, who symbolise Hamburg in the 80s, Swutscher and other artists from the up-and-coming Hamburg label La Pochette Surprise Records also appear. The broad lineup also doesn't overlook artists with unexpected connections to Hamburg, such as Fat White Family and photographer Hanayo.

< Featured Artists >
Andreas Dorau, Blackbird Mantra, Cony Plankton, Deep Dyed, Fat White Family, Holger Hiller (Palais Schaumburg), Kurt Dahlke (Der Plan, Fehlfarben, Ata Tak), Melissa E. Logan (Chicks on Speed, VooCha), Melting Palms, Swutscher, Velvet Bein (La Pochette Surprise Records), wearemarvin, Hanayo, Kotsuguy (Kikagaku Moyo), Max Bauer (Isolation Berlin), only child club, Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung, Frank Spilker (Die Sterne), Stefan Marx

All of the text is written side by side in English and Japanese with the aim to distribute RISIKO outside of Germany. After the initial release in Berlin, Germany on 14th October 2022, we plan to distribute to our overseas audience.

Publishing date in Berlin, Germany: 14th October 2022 To also be distributed overseas.
Size: W182mm × H257mm Number of pages: 66 pages Language: English and Japanese