Wasting Pigs


Wasting Pigs are a Hamburg-based duo consisting of two mysterious masked musicians. Coming from unknown origins many scholars and academics have tried and failed to get to the bottom of this enigma, one of the only clues being their deep southern accents. One thing is clear though, these fellers sure ain’t from round these parts.

Talk of vanishing deep in the bayou, riding the rails, being arrested and southern cooking set the scene when Wasting Pigs takes the stage. This horror/twang inspired twosome’s sound unifies the country and doom genres. They fluctuate from heavy enough for moshing to melodic enough to sing along with and everything in between. The guitarist, known as Wasting, provides mostly clean vocals while the drummer, Pigs, uses a more gruff and aggressive tone for the heavier tracks.

Much more than just a musical performance, Wasting Pigs keep the masses thrilled with on-stage antics and stunning displays of clownery, twisted balloons, tall tales and ghost stories. In fact with their crowd-working one might consider the audience the third member of the band. Their “let’s not take this too seriously” style of entertainment isn’t limited to their live shows though as the two included three radio-plays on their debut EP, Wolfman and other tall Tales.

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Wasting Pigs

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