Sick Hyenas


Sick Hyenas revive 60s garage pop with their new single "Sleepless Nights". The new single by the Hamburg garage trio is not only a classic love song: "Sleepless Nights" is also a declaration of love to 60s garage pop, to the analogue look, to unbuttoned shirts and silver chains clasped to the chest hair. The gel hairstyle is in place and spherical duet choruses propel the listener higher and higher on a cloud of feeling full of debauched 60s riffs and casually playful drum sets. Sick Hyenas conjure up a 3½-minute portal to the past - sweaty nights in the desert of the inner self, a self-destructive and passionate rush of thoughts coupled with feelings of invincible longing and love. Untypical for today, the single is released including a B-side, the instrumental "Twilight Zone". Both songs are available now digitally and will be released on limited edition 7" singles on Rookie Records and La Pochette Surprise Records at the end of September.

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Sick Hyenas

Sleepless Nights

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