With their album "Turn the Sky", Garlands embark on a psychedelic trip through various worlds of time and space. Based on a soundscape between shoegaze, dream pop and kraut, the two musicians Catharina Rüß and Sui Kemmer take on a journey in which they cross the depths of the oceans as well as the vastness of the universe and climb icy mountain heights.

Particularly characteristic for the duet are the harmonic vocals that meander through fuzz atmospheres, walls of guitars, distorted flutes, synths and piano spheres. The two musicians write songs inspired by artists as diverse as the Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Sonic Youth, Lush and Stereolab, Can and Neu!, but also Bach and Ravel, whose influences they weave into their own sound cosmos. Overall, the album collates several images and lines, sound patterns and space in ways that feel simultaneously organic and coherent.

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Turn The Sky

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