Deep Dyed


Deep Dyed fills the space with their dazzling intensity and love between catchy, independent pop and psychedelic rock songs and enables its audience to take a journey into the world of their own dreams and emotions.

Anyone searching for the perfect soundtrack to gaze out the window at the last pink rays of sun glistening through the treetops on a fading spring day or to lie in bed at night pondering life’s big questions will be well served with songs where dreams and reality vie for the best position on the way to communal joy.

Deep Dyed manage to clothe the well-known emotions of love and desire, weariness and panic, undissectible dreams and the never-ending insomnia of modern city life in a new sound. Sometimes driving loudly, sometimes gently rippling - but always with an ambivalence between gentle hope and subliminal longing.

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Deep Dyed

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