Billy Zach


Noisy Riffs, reverbish rooms, crushing Drums, pumping bass and some nagging grumbling. A hint of melancholy. Billy Zach is guitar music; angry and loud, sometimes melodious, sometimes oppressive.

Despite unsteady developments, the project was continuously pushed forward and the current live equipe consists of four members, stationed In Hamburg.

Billy Zach can be described as the rough sandpaper of the wholesale market named pop music – picturing the smoothing and exhausting character of their songs. Indeed, contradictions are more often wanted than feared, no matter if musical counterpoints or lyrical Paradoxes.

Billy Zach sets light into dark, whispers too loud and laughs with tearful eyes. Their music represents how connected and simultaneously torn apart moments can be, without a raised forefinger. It's all about the moments.

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Billy Zach

A Momentary Bliss

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