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Mental health, unconventional relationship models, jealousy, failed dating experiences or the banality and transience of our existence - a coming-of-age album as if quoted from a diary, recorded by a street artist in a construction trailer in the Schleswig-Holstein countryside. Anna Wydra herself describes the sound of her music as "melancholic stray cat pop". Somewhere between indie and bedroom pop, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers and Cloe Moriondo, the Hamburg-based artist surprises with 90s sounds, stomping club beats emerging from nowhere and instruments like melodica or violin. The opener "Quality Time" deals with the dark side of an open relationship and the title track "The Absurdity of Being" with the banality of our human existence. Anna herself lives by the idea of optimistic nihilism. In the gloomy "I Wish You'd Stroke Me Like You Stroke the Dog", explicit lyrics about unfulfilled sexuality meet a jealousy theme triggered by the adoption of her dog "Ary", which is taken up again in the acoustically reduced "Jealousy" with moving violin interludes by Malin Stegmaier. In the song "Looks", too, she does not spare autobiographical content, in which she reflects on social superficiality with a personal example and thus tries to declare war on her own self-doubt.

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Anna Wydra

The Absurdity of Being

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