· By Velvet Bein

Die Cigaretten release new single "Tote Musiker"

A dark bassline rolls to swarming bees of guitars. A glimpse into a desperate soul in search of light, no matter how much it shines itself outward. "Cold cold cold - can't stand the way I feel". "All's well, all's well".

Die Cigaretten release "Tote Musiker" from the upcoming album "Eliot" in October - the cybergrunge darkbanger for the witchy season. After hits like "Rapstar", "Drogen und Saufen" and hymens like "safe", Die Cigaretten reveal with "Tote Musiker" for the first time the rough dark side of the upcoming album "Eliot", which will make especially real alternative and grunge fans swarm to the pre-order button and to the live shows to get into ecstasy there.

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