wearemarvin – wearemarvin


CD / Digital

01. Sex on TV
02. Once
03. Monsters & Gold
04. Oh My, Oh My
05. Burning Eyes


wearemarvin finally drop their debut EP. Born in 2012 as a one-man-bedroom project, wearemarvin has developed live into a six-man Indierock-Hydra, which gives up its invulnerability in favor of uncompromising passion. wearemarvin is a longing intercom-like voice that communicates with an interwoven, seamless, passionate and up to 4 guitar-strength Indierock-Garage-popular sound pattern, which reveals long lost or long forgotten thoughts in us; not on the suffering level, but rather on the peace-making level. wearemarvin merges reality with dreams in a conciliatory and comforting way, without losing its substantial energy. Reality no longer kills the chimera.