My Friend Peter - Is It Severe?23.02.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR008

"Is It Severe?" is My Friend Peter's new mini-album and his follow up to his 2015 full-length "Entre Les Trous De La Mémoire" here on la pochette surprise. With his latest album he's finding himself more playful, more dreamy and more out of space then ever before. WIth the same beautiful and romantic atmosphere as on his last albums.

Formats: Cassette

Swutscher - Bodo06.12.2016 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR007

Black & White printed Comic of "Bodo". Written and created by Sascha Utech. 12-pages with handdrawn comic strips and cut out collages. Limited to 100 copies only.

Sascha Utech's first Comic tells the story of a man, called "Bodo". A simple guy with simple thoughts and expectations. A story about Life, Love and Loneliness. A story we all know. And this is the song about Bodo.

Formats: Comic+Download

Glintshake - Oesch Magziu02.12.2016 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR006

ГШ – the final russian-speaking incarnation of the Moscow based band Glintshake – uses the rhythm of their mother tongue and explores the local musical traditions in search for new ways of development of pop music. The first album of ГШ "Oesch Magziu" - is nine almost epic compositions about the absurdity of Russian life, the desire of the Russian people of something huge, grand and often completely senseless, about the salvation of the soul through self-destruction, alienation and denial. In addition to the covered topics the band explores different ways of human interaction with mass culture, but also opportunities to tell stories on a new emotional level, without being afraid of using unpopular methods and ending up with something unsightly or miserable. Glintshakes freedom- and life-loving music seeks its own system of coordinates, its own melody, rhythm and texture. There are references to Russian composers and leaders of the Russian underground, as well as to poets and painters of the futurism. Even the cover of the album and the title “Oesch Magziu" refer themselves to several periods in Russian art.

Formats: Cassette

Strato - Honey In My Hand17.06.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR005

Strato bring some light into the darkness while blacken the day. Strato is everywhere and nowhere, but Strato was, is and will be there. Here.

Formats: Cassette

Swutscher - Wahnwitz19.05.2016 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR004

Swutscher combines german folklore and charming lyrics with some twangy country rock'n roll. Swutscher is good for you ;)

Formats: CD/Cassette/Vinyl

My Friend Peter - Entre Les Trous De La Mémoire23.02.2016 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR003

Psychedelic, smoothy-groovy rock from Hamburg/Graz.
Written, played, recorded, produced and bewizarded by Bene Brands.

Formats: Cassette

Dolphin lovers EP10.05.2015 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR002

"Hit the beach with this summertime garage/psych pop EP out of Hamburg, Germany. Their cooing backing vocals and surf-worthy rhythms will have you packing your cooler and looking for an excuse to get to the nearest body of water." (Ongakubaka)

Formats: Cassette

Sick Hyenas - the White Mofo Drug Smuggler tape 03.11.2013 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR001

"Sick Hyenas have been creeping all the good, bad and hidden places of Hamburg’s rock’n roll side for some time now. The sickness they’re spreading would be well described as a kind of dirty and incurable psychedelism. We had to wander around the unlit streets of Sankt Pauli, being on the trail of these young hyenas and we finally came accross their DIY cassette named “the White Mofo Drug Smuggla tape” (La Pochette Surprise Records). The voice of C. Bukowski opens the first track to bring us on a dangerous journey which will end (so fast) with one powerful « Weither of Death ». This is it, harm’s been made, and to face the facts, these guys are making it pretty great." (Foggy Girls Club)

Formats: Cassette

Sick Hyenas22.08.2014 · Moody Monkey Records