Die Cigaretten take us to the beach in new Video “Am Strand”

Digital Sunshine: After Ralf Bauer and Hardy Krüger Jr. canceled the lead roles in Die Cigaretten‘s new video “Am Strand”, Die Cigaretten did it themselves.

They got prominent support from the Berliner Garage icon, drummer and video artist Meghan Wright. The City-Kids showed themselves to be sustainable and shot
Die Cigaretten in St. Peter Ording (SPO). The cost of the kites amounted to 8.99 € and reduced the number of kites used tax burden on Cigaretten in the 2019 fiscal year.
It is not possible to all plastic.

By the use of a dragon Die Cigaretten remind before to come back down again and to be able to make your own to constantly broaden our horizons. That’s why the video was created on a Monday, because why not?

With “Am Strand” Die Cigaretten drop the third single from their upcoming debut album “Vibe Ride”, to be released later this year.

17.08. Hamburg, Molotow  *Burger Invasion*
06.09. Hamburg, Komet .   *La Fête Surprise – Warm Up*
20.09. Jena, Rosenkeller    w/ Shybits

Directed by Meghan Wright